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Sep 28 Sun   Sep 29 Mon   Sep 30 Tue BAY HILAREA with Grant Lyon, Christina Pazsitzky, Ron Lynch, Larry Brown and Keon Polee 8:00 PM Get Tickets Skyler Stone's COMEDY ROCKS with Deon Cole, Aries Spears, Tom Papa, Owen Benjamin, Sandy Danto, Justin Willman, plus TWO SPECIAL GUESTS (Special Event) 10:00 PM Get Tickets IMPROV OPEN MIC BAR 5:45 PM Get Tickets Oct 01 Wed COMEDYJUICE W/ AL MADRIGAL, NEAL BRENNAN AND MICHAEL KOSTA (Special Event) 10:00 PM Get Tickets GAYS R US with Erin Foley, Shawn Pelofsky, Heather Turman, Paul Case, Matteo Lane, Dana Eagle, and Casey Ley 8:00 PM Get Tickets Oct 02 Thu BBR SHOWCASE (Special Event) 8:00 PM Get Tickets Alice Wetterlund and Jake Weisman 10:00 PM Get Tickets Oct 03 Fri IMPROV OPEN MIC LAB 5:45 PM Get Tickets STEVE SIMEONE 8:00 PM Get Tickets RICHARD VILLA'S REFRIED FRIDAYS 10:00 PM Get Tickets Oct 04 Sat Jimmy Dore with Laura Kightlinger, Adam Newman and Allan Havey 8:00 PM Get Tickets ERIC BLAKE 10:00 PM Get Tickets MIDNIGHT SNACK 11:30 PM Get Tickets
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