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Kevin Farley Q&A

So you’re about to head the Hollywood Improv for a great night out but before you do, we’re here to give you the lowdown on just how great your night is going to be. Hitting up some of the best comics around with a little Q&A session, here is your chance to get some insight and to get even more excited about seeing one of your favorites. Yeah, you’re welcome.
Who: Kevin Farley
About The Show: Kevin Farley oozes talent though many outlets and when it comes to his stand-up, you can expect to be just as wowed with his talent to bring the laughs. With a gift for telling stories, Farley’s passion for comedy shines as he delivers sidesplitting hilarity.  **Jeff Richards and Dom Irrera will also be in the house for this show. 
When and Where: Hollywood Improv, September 19th, 8162 Melrose Avenue, (323) 651-2583
Q&A with Kevin Farley by Ali Lerman
Q: How did you get into stand-up?

A: My background is really in improvisation. I started out at The Second City in Chicago years ago and then I came out to L.A. to focus on acting. I had always wanted to try stand-up but I guess it just seemed like a daunting task. Then I ran into Pauley Shore, who is a friend of mine, and he had said I could go up at The Comedy Store and do some time. After I started doing that and getting up there and working out concepts, I found it to be a blast. It was challenging in a lot of different ways but I found a new love for it. So it wasn’t like all of the sudden one day I woke up and wanted to do stand-up, I had always wanted to try it but I didn’t know how to go about it.
Q: Did you have a backup plan to fall back on if the entertainment industry didn’t work out?
A: That’s kind of the way I feel about stand-up. There is always a place to go off and tell my jokes so I always look at it like that. I write sitcoms and movies but those are difficult to do and then also, you just never know when are going to get an acting gig so I don’t really rely on that. I just try to focus on the stand-up because it is kind of like my back-up plan even though I really love to do it. It also keeps me sharp and fresh. It’s something that I want to do until I am an old, old, man.
Q: Your career is so well rounded with writing, directing, acting and comedy…do you have a preference?
A: I like acting obviously, it’s the most fun. Especially doing a really funny comedy or a sketch that is brutally funny. I love being on set and acting but the most fulfilling is the writing probably. Whenever I finish something and people like my writing, it’s always a good feeling. I really do like the thrill of a live stand-up show too.
Q: Any thoughts on reuniting with the 2gether guys? You have to know the fans want it!
A: I called those guys and said, “Why don’t we make some songs?” They were like, “Sure!” They’ve got a couple of songs and one that I think Alex wrote called, “I Bet You Regret Having Sex With Me Now.” So hopefully we’ll get together and do some recording and have another song under the 2gether belt. It would be really fun.
Q: What are some of your favorite things to talk about on stage?
A: Most of the time I just talk about being an actor and music because I just love music. I talk a lot about how stupid songs are these days too. Pop culture to me is getting really bad also. I try to comment on the stuff that I find incredibly dumb about it all. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but some of the TV shows out there are so stupid!
Q: Do you ever go check out other comics?  
A: Oh yeah! I live right by the Improv so I go there all of the time. I really like Nate Craig and Jeff Richards. Jeff isn’t an up and comer but I think he’s really, really good. I like both of those guys. I like Nick Swardson too, he’s really funny. There are a ton of great comics so I feel like I have to stay on my game because everybody is so good!
Q: Stand-up aside, what else do you have going on?
A:  I just finished a movie called “Project Bigfoot” and I’ll be doing a TV pilot called “Hollywood Bump and Grind.” I also have some movies you can get on Amazon called “Paranormal Movie” that I directed and starred in and “Hollywood & Wine.”
Q: How can we track you down on social media?
A: I don’t have a website so I just usually use Facebook and my Twitter is @ImKevinFarley. I do a lot of things but then when it comes to something stupid like getting a website, I don’t have one. I’ll get one soon though! 
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