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Hollywood Babble-On Q&A with Ralph Garman

So you’re about to head the Hollywood Improv for a great night out but before you do, we’re here to give you the lowdown on just how great your night is going to be. Hitting up some of the best comics around with a little Q&A session, here is your chance to get some insight and to get even more excited about seeing one of your favorites. Yeah, you’re welcome.
What: Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith
About The Show: This weekly podcast dishes the dirt on movies, Hollywood news and events, celebrity stories, and features plenty of segments that are downright hysterical.
When and Where: Hollywood Improv, Friday September 13th at 10 pm, 8162 Melrose Avenue, (323) 651-2583
Q&A with Ralph Garman with Ali Lerman
Q: What’s a typical day like for you when you're not working?
A: I work six days a week usually so when I get a free day, I like to spend it with my three year old daughter. I'm trying to be the best dad I can be so she won't end up on Season 17 of MTV's Teen Mom.
Q: As of right now, what are some of your favorite topics to talk about when you’re in front of an audience?
A: Pop-culture douchebags. It's my small contribution to society. If the Kardashians are making 10 million dollars each this year, I'm going to try to publicly ridicule them as much as possible.
Q: Do you think there are any topics or issues that should be off limits when it comes to comedy?
A: No. If you can make it funny, you win. However, the touchier the topic, the better a comedian needs to be to make a joke about it work. Some guys are genius at it.
Q: Past and present: who are some of your favorite comedians?
A: Carlin taught me the power of words. But, Lewis Black is my favorite these days. I love how he uses the comic power of "rage."
Q: Whose life is playing out before our eyes in the media and virtually makes it impossible for you not to comment on?
A: Amanda Bynes was so much fun until we realized she was sick. These days it's Bieber. He can't keep from stepping on his own d**k. It’s endlessly entertaining.
Q: Hands down, what is the worst job that you’ve ever had?
A: I spent a summer in my hometown of Philadelphia cleaning dirt and mildew off of outdoor party tents. In a warehouse. With no air-conditioning. When I die and go to hell, that's what I'll be doing.
Q: It’s going great now BUT...if your career in the entertainment industry didn’t take off, what do you think you’d be doing for a living?
A: I'd still be a bartender, which what I did before I was able to make a living in showbiz. Or a private detective. Or a private detective who also tends a bar that he also owns. Which is an awesome idea for a TV pilot!
Q: What else are you working on that you want to put out there?
A: Next summer I'll be in Seth MacFarlane's new movie and as always, KROQ-FM in the mornings. Also, Hollywood Babble-On with my buddy Kevin Smith.
Q: How can we follow you around in a non-stalker way?
A: You can follow me at @RalphGarman but not if you're going tweet me about how offended you are about something I said. If that's where this love affair is going, let's stop it before it begins. But, I'll always remember our one special night...
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