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Jann Karam's Creative Comedy Workshop Showcase( Special Event )

  • Jann Karam

    Jann Karam

  • Price: $8.00

Jann Karam's Creative Comedy Workshop Showcase

Timika Hall
Jeri Andreson
John Shelton
Harlan Gleeson
Lia Markiles
Jenny Davis
Anna Varnon-Grier
Stella Valente

Jann Karam: Jann Karam is a comedian, actor and writer who the LA Times calls "a woman blessed with looks, talent and the gift of restraint," and the New York Times, "a comedic breakthrough." Her numerous TV credits include Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show, HBO'S Young Comedians Show, Seinfeld, and many more, including ABC's How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life).   Her humorous, widely-viewed political essay "A Superficial Take" was published in Huffington Post; she released the well- received comedy albums Live at the Blue Loon (2001) and Same Guy, Different Shirt (2010); and she wrote, directed, and starred in the multi festival-award-winning short film, Under the Big Muu-Muu (Castle Rock Entertainment), a funny, touching look at mother- daughter relationships. Jerry Seinfeld calls it "Funny and original! If you have a mother -- when you get to the end -- you can't not cry.?  She has also written a book based on Reclining Nude, a collection of funny, poignant essays about life, love, and finding a place to lie down.    Jann loves sharing her knowledge and comedy experience with this talented and clever group of artists!   

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