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Hunter Hill

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 HUNTER THOMAS HILL was born at a very young age, amidst circumstances that are completely fitting for those fortunate enough to know him like I do: his parents were swimwear models in the 80’s, and they met on the set of Family Feud. This was, perhaps, an early indication of the eventual divorce that was to come (a fairly obvious conclusion if you think about it).

Sometime either just before or immediately after her time in modeling, Hunter’s mother performed work as a visual display artist for Universal (yeah, that Universal), meaning the vast majority of Hunter’s childhood days consisted of feigned illnesses, skipping school, and playing on the sets of some of the grandest stories ever told in cinematic history.

At nine, Hunter was already performing in front of thousands—crowds so large, so rabid and filled with such a ferocious lust for more that the fire department had to come turn people away. A lot of people say the exact same thing about their friends, but they’re either joking or lying. I’m doing neither; this sh*t fucking happened.

Thirteen had Hunter joining military school, and not by his own volition. Fortunately, creative thespian types aren’t needed or, really, wanted in the military, so this only took him so far. It helped his case that everyone in the military thought he was gay; a lot of people still do. The women in his life know for a fact he is not.

By the time he was seventeen, Hunter was working for Hurley International, creating designs and kicking ass, but refusing to take any names—they were all too busy writing down his.

Since his time at Hurley, Hunter has done design work for NFL teams, directed photo shoots, and performs some of the most hilarious standup you’ve ever heard in your life (Judd Apatow, I’ll be in touch). And all of this has happened while he continues to work steadily on his own line of understated but never undercreated apparel known collectively as Semi-Popular Clothing.

It has been rumored that he still lives somewhere throughout the luscious green hills of California—possibly in a squared-off, glass-and-aluminum-laden, modern-contemporary designer home; definitely with models—continuing the magic that generally results from Hunter being Hunter. He’s one of the most generous hosts you will ever meet, is always the epicenter for a great time, and has a future brighter than Lady Gaga is crazy.

His name is Hunter Thomas Hill, and this is what he does.


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