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Allan Cunningham

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Allan Cunningham aka AC

Trouble was inevitable growing up in one of the worst neighborhoods in Detroit, Michigan. My three older brothers, the thugs in my neighborhood, had my back but that didn't stop them from teasing me and my cheap-looking clothing, thick glasses and overall nerdy appearance. Being constantly teased turned out to work in my favor since I quickly learned how to defend myself by using my sense of humor. This ability led me to the stage as a successful stand-up comedian who has performed on many stages all around the globe. I ultimately moved to Los Angeles to further my career. 
Shortly after moving to Los Angeles I discovered that I am also a writer. I wrote a couple of TV pilots, a short  film and a feature. After my short was misdirected by an up and coming director, I decided to take matters into my own hands by taking film classes at Los Angeles City College and directed my first feature "The Soul Agency" (dramedy). 
I continued to write two more scripts "The Block" which is a comedy and also a drama titled,  "A Couple of Touches".  I am currently scheduled to direct "The Block" this year under the name of my new company,  Walk The Talk. 


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