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Darrell La Montre

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Darrell La Montre is a Los Angeles native who began performing comedy in his hometown. He won a local stand-up comedy contest only four months into his comedy career. His original brand of humor is best characterized as sardonic, edgy, and thought provoking. No one is exempt from being the recipient of his venom (not even himself). Darrell's ability to recognize patterns among human behavior and deliver his observations in a clever and humorous manner is exceptional. In addition, he expresses his personal, often relatable experiences in an equally hilarious and intelligent fashion. Darrell doesn't typically interact much with the audience, preferring instead to launch into one scathing, hilarious bit after another.

Darrell is a regular at the world famous Laugh Factory and has been featured on radio and internet podcasts. Currently he is the co-host of the Knuckles & Chuckles® Podcast along with fellow comedian Bryan Dey. They comically discuss the sport of boxing which La Montre is an expert on having been in the ring as an amateur and written articles on the sport for many years. Prior to that, Darrell was the co-host of the Bret Ernst show. You can catch Darrell killing crowds at all the major clubs in southern California and in other states across the country. He is a rising comic to be taken very seriously.



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