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Matt Devlin

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I've lasted a smooth 34 years on this god-foresaken mudball and I've become absolutely nothing. Unless, of course, you're willing to listen and your opinion differs... You see, I've done this, that and the other in a variety of locales over a space in time - but - just like everyone else I'll be remembered by a certain amount of people for a certain period of time for only a certain few accomplishments (or sins). I could tell you what I've 'done' so far but, frankly, I'm sort of hoping that the things I will be remembered for have yet to happen. So why bore you with the story about the time I farted at a cop? Or the time I stole $10,000 in quarters? Or the time I saved a dog from a burning house. Or the time I spelled "HAPPENED" wrong (yeah, there are two E's) in the 3rd Grade Spelling Bee and it scarred me for life? There's nothing to see here. Yet.


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